Artist Copes By Drawing His Syrian Torture

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A Syrian artist draws sketches of colorless, broken and undefined features in an attempt to cope with the horror and trauma of his time in prison, where he was subject to constant torture and abuse by Syrian government forces.

Najah al-Bukai draws images from the time when he was arrested, detained and tortured by the Syrian regime in one of the notorious prisons in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

“Drawing my experience relieves me from my nightmares, and this continues to develop as a healing method,” al-Bukai told VOA.

He said his goal is not to document the events but rather to use drawing as a mechanism to heal from the physiological wounds and trauma he sustained during his time in the prison.

Exiled Syrian artist Najah al-Bukai poses with a ball-pen drawing that stems from the haunting memories of the torture Bukai says he went through and witnessed when imprisoned twice in Syrian government jails, in Yerres, near Paris, Sept. 13, 2018.

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Artist Copes by Drawing His Syrian Torture
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