Last Word On Shakespeare, July 28

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Desperately seeking gardeners

Are there any gardeners left in Williamsburg ? There is a huge difference between a gardener and someone who just mows your lawn. We want someone who is not just mow, blow and go! A yard need some loving care during the year, pruning bushes, trees to trim, beds to edge. Friendly advice to the homeowner on what to plant or when to fertilize. And yes, the grass does need to be mowed and the leaves bagged and removed. Are there any gardeners left in Williamsburg that can provide consistent, reliable care for the property?

Email servers

I wish people would do just a little research on a topic before quoting something that they heard on MSNBC.  While previous secretaries of state may have used a private email account , the items were copied to their official account for the archives.  Powell's were incomplete. None ever had a private server.  The rules were not in place at the time to prevent this.  Mrs. Clinton was supposed to operate under the new rules requiring her to use an official email account, which she ignored.  If Kerry is using private email, he should be the next investigation. David Petraeus was charged with several felonies and plead guilty to a misdemeanor.  Finally, Republicans did not have Mrs. Clinton investigated for the email scandal, that was referred to the FBI by the inspector general of the State Department.

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