Most Community Centered Bookstores In Connecticut

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Bookstores are giant-sized invitations to other worlds. Whether someone is looking for an action-packed adventure, a whodunit, a cerebral excursion or a laugh-out-loud comic treat, that person only needs to enter into their nearest local bookstore. Once inside, magic weaves its spell and defies anyone to not reach out for a leather-bound book, a pop-up children’s tale or a bestselling work. Who doesn’t have a favorite bookstore where one inhales the smell of leather, touches the texture of hardcover and paperbacks and sizes up the weight of a book in his or her hand? Throughout Connecticut, there are many independent bookstores. Some of them not only satisfy their readers’ appetites for books, but also their appetites for food in their creative and convenient cafés. Some offer creative gift selections along with terrific book selections. All of the independent bookstores included here are tightly connected to their communities and in return, the communities support them eagerly.

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Most Community-Centered Bookstores In Connecticut
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