The 7 Latest Examples Of Leftist Manipulation

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For many children, the event was a happy ending to a period of uncertainty regarding their living situations.

"It's the best day of the year," LaValle said. "You see families who may not have thought they were adding children to their household, and they've generously opened up their hearts and opened up their homes to children so they can have that sense of belonging."

Many of the children were even adopted by relatives, LaValle said. Dalyla, for example, is Tim Ludwig's granddaughter.

He and his wife were contacted in January by Dalyla's mother, who asked if they could take care of her after she had been in foster care for four years.

"We took her under kinship guardianship, and she was just so special, we decided to adopt her," Tim Ludwig said.

Other families were officially forming after years of being together. Debra Curry was at the event for the third straight year to adopt her new daughter, Alona.

Curry became a licensed foster parent in 2012 and has cared for Alona since she was an infant, she said. The ultimate goal of a foster parent is to be able to reunite a child with family, she said. But when reunification isn't possible or safe, Curry said there is a need for more foster parents. She has adopted two other children she fostered, and credits the system for allowing her to grow her family.

"I love them, and I plan on raising them as my kids, because they are my children," Curry said.

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