This Is How Big Brands Are Exploring New Strategies For Attaining Success

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Tuning strategies have become a necessity, in order to maintain the pace in this competitive business industry. A well-tuned strategy is believed to deliver fast brand recognition, making the most of the national and global market.

Globalization is the new identity kit, causing the industries to revamp their marketing strategies. The brand building becomes impossible if you are constantly struggling with your product and services. You don’t have to hire an expensive brand strategist for refining your brand. Therefore, franchisors are innovating with numerous strategies for attaining success.

Building a brand culture rather than structure

Corporate structure was an important element of a successful brand where local marketers used to play a key role in achieving the goal. However, with changing time, franchisors are more into creating a consistent and strong brand culture.

Investors want to keep things familiar to customers, easing the acceptance procedure as a brand. The rise of digital channels and viral marketing process has transformed the brand emphasis from structure to culture.

Franchisors are becoming borderless in marketing

The disruption of social platforms has eliminated brands to follow different strategies in different places. Brands are adopting a more unified marketing approach, enhancing their productivity. Brands are changing their campaign strategies, as digitalization doesn’t respect borders.

Embracing storytelling

Nike is considered as a brand which has the upper hand of storytelling in action. Franchisors are harnessing the power of storytelling.

Sharing the story of how your brand came into existence, along showing how you have impacted the stories of your customers. Forget talking like a marketer and instead focus on sharing the things that make your brand unique can be a successful business mantra.

This article was initially published in Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.

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This is How Big Brands Are Exploring New Strategies For Attaining Success
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